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A Sunrise Lifestyle Maternity Session at the Beach

Updated: Feb 15

Anyone who books an outdoor session with me knows that I love golden hour - the time right before sunset - with it's gorgeous, glowing, flattering light, and I always encourage my clients to book their sessions for then if at all possible. However, some families with small children are nervous about their kids' moods that close to bedtime, especially in the summer when the sun sets later. For them, it might make more sense to consider morning golden hour - the time right after sunrise - for their sessions, especially if their kids tend to be early risers anyway. For Melissa and Brian, and their growing young family, it was the perfect solution for their family maternity photos. The morning ended up being overcast and a bit drizzly but that just created some beautiful, dramatic skies and added a lovely softness to the sunlight. We had a fun morning playing on the beach and capturing some memories of their time together as a family of four before their littlest addition arrived!

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