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Poinsettia Christmas Family Photos in Hamilton

Updated: Feb 15

One of my favourite holiday photography traditions is poinsettia Christmas mini sessions at a local Hamilton Ontario area greenhouse. For the past number of years, on a Saturday in late November, I've set up shop in the midst of a sea of red, white and pink flowers, and welcomed countless families to join me creating beautiful, unique, festive photos to adorn their Christmas cards, ornaments and walls. If you are on the hunt for holiday photos that are minimalist, yet undeniably jolly, there is really nothing else that quite compares. The lovely climate-controlled greenhouse is a bonus that means we don't have to worry about unpredictable late-fall weather! Scroll on for some of the beautiful family photos taken at last year's event!

I have another round of poinsettia mini sessions coming up in a couple of weeks on November 19, 2022! Send me a message if you want to know more, or head here if you are ready to book a spot for yourself!

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