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  • Linda

A Full, Fall Family Photo Gallery in Hamilton

Updated: Feb 15

One of my goals when photographing a family session - or any session for that matter - is to tell a story. I want the viewer to get a sense of who that family is, and see a snapshot of what this season of life is like for them. Seeing one or two images from a session gives you a glimpse of that, but to really get the full effect, you need to see a full gallery. I think it's also helpful for prospective family photography clients to see what a complete gallery looks like so they know better what to expect. Of course, I need to put a little disclaimer here and say that since each family is unique, the story told in their photos will be unique as well, so no two galleries will be the same. That said, I am sharing a full family session gallery here, start to finish, with each and every photo I delivered to the client in colour and black and white, in the hopes that it helps you understand what the final product of a family session with Catchlight Photography can look like. This session was done in fall 2022, in Hamilton, Ontario. I hope you enjoy it!

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