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How to Use Your Engagement Photos

Updated: Feb 15

Six ways to share and display the pictures from your engagement session

Engagement photo sessions are such a fun way to get to know your wedding photographer and get comfortable in front of the camera in a relaxed, low-key setting ahead of your wedding day. But once the session is over what do you do with all the beautiful images you now have of the two of you together? Read on for a few ideas on how to use all those engagement photos...

1. Share them on social media to let everyone know how excited you are about your upcoming wedding! It's your chance show off a little! Your friends and family love seeing how happy and in love you are. Give the people what they want! Believe me, the minute you post those pics, you'll almost be able to hear the resounding collective "awwww" coming from all your followers!

2. Use them on your wedding website. Wedding websites are a popular way to share information with your guests, particularly all the finer details that don't fit onto the invitations. But all text makes for a pretty dull page, so spice that site up with some cute engagement photos!

3. Frame a few favourites to create a gallery wall in your home! I'm a huge fan of gallery walls when it comes to printing and displaying your photos. A few small-medium sized prints can be more economical than one large one and it means you don't have to pick just one! Plus, they are easily switched out when you want to make a change, and can be added to as time goes on (hello, wedding photos!).

4. Use them on your save-the-dates or wedding invitations. Using photos on your stationary is a great way to make it super personal and unique. Save-the-dates in particular tend to be more casual, making them the perfect spot to share your sweet faces.

5. Use them on your holiday cards. Now that you're getting married, you may want to start sending out holiday cards together. Personalize them with engagement photos!

6. Display them at your wedding! There are lots of different ways to do this. Some of my favourites include:

  • Framing a few to place on your gift or guest book table

  • Using them with your table names/numbers on guest tables

  • Sticking them in the pages of your guest book, leaving space for your guests to sign around them

  • Framing or mount a large one and have your guests sign it instead of a guest book

  • Using them to personalize your guest favours by creating custom labels using your photos

  • Putting them in a slideshow to play during cocktail hour.

Are you engaged or married? How did you use your wedding photos? I'd love to hear some more unique ideas to share with my Catchlight Photography couples!

xo Linda

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